Jackie Chan is with no doubt one of the most popular Asian actor who is loved worldwide. Who would have thought that in his difficult career, he has experienced more than 3000 injuries! In an interview, he said “I have the whole body covered with scars, I do not know why I am not in a wheelchair.” I suggest you read about his 10 most serious injuries.

Fractured skull, three times broken nose, partial hearing loss, fractured jaw, broken teeth, a neck injury, fracture and dislocation of the shoulder , several broken ribs, dislocated sternum, multiple back injuries, including fractured vertebrae, pelvis dislocation, fracture of the knee … Chan is determined to endure the pain and risk his life for his viewers. Filming episodes of failed stunts, which he shows at the end of movies, you are forced to laugh and be horrified. “The day when I can no longer perform stunts by myself, will be my last working day. My fans know that when they watch my films, they see real action. My films have nothing to do with Hollywood fakes! ”
Film: “Police Story” During the fall from the second floor injured his spine.

Film: “Miracles” When sliding back on the wagon cut left eye.

Film: “Supercop” Knocked shoulder when evaded helicopter.

Film: “Police Story” Did not managed to dodge the swivel chair and hurt his head.

Film: “Armor of God” Rushed to the rock walls of the building down and hurt his head and ears.

Film: “Armor of God 2:” Operation Condor ” When caught in the chain high above the ground, hit the barrier, bruised chest.

Film: “Project A” Fell from the tower and injured his spine.

Film: “Crime Story” jumped between cars and tore ligaments in both legs.

Movie: “Lord Dragon” fell from the mountain head injury.

Film: “Police Story” Performed sliding down the pole voltage. Burned hands and spine injuries.

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